Giveaway Guide

So lovelies! We all like to enter Giveaways, and sometimes I know it is a little confusing about what to put down/what the blogger is asking for. After my last giveaway I decided that I would put up a page with some tips/hints for you, as some other bloggers have done, just in case you ever were wondering!

#1 READ ALL THE RULES. This is so important. Every blog is different and asks different things of it's followers. Also, if a blog asks you to tell them something you want to see more of or what they can improve, don't answer that question if you don't follow the blog. A blogger will get more offended if say, you tell them you want to see more konad designs, even though they only do free hand designs, than reading a blank entry.

#2 Your GFC name. This one always trips people up, including me. Your GFC name is what you appears to bloggers as they search their friend list. The easiest way to look it up is either look at the name that appears when you comment, or if you are on a blog that you know you follow, locate their "follow me" or "GFC" sections that shows their followers & your name should appear. Again, this is SO important, as bloggers are not going to search forever for you if you put down the wrong GFC name.

#3 Linking to a tweet. If a blogger asks for this please do not give them your twitter name again or say "check my timeline". What if you entered a month ago? They are not going to go look for it. So I have broken it down for you with screencaps!
So I have posted my tweet, this will appear in your timeline like so.
If you hover over the timestamp, you can see when you posted it, and you click that time stamp (i.e. where mine says 39 minutes ago)
When you click that timestamp, you will be brought to the single tweet, and you just copy & paste the url into the giveaway, and they will be able to see that individual tweet.

*ALSO* If you want to do this, but you have a protected twitter, you will need to follow the person so they can see your tweet, otherwise they will not be able to see anything.

#4 If you link to a giveaway sidebar/page/entry, don't lie about it. They do validate entries, and they will look & check your links

#5 If you think you have already entered or cannot remember, EMAIL the blogger. Do not enter again. You will be disqualified which sucks. Also, any other questions you have, EMAIL the blogger, they will be more than happy to answer you! They want you to win!

#6 Lastly, please do not forget your email. This is how the blogger contacts you and usually this is a required entry, so if you forget it, you won't win, and that is not fun!

I hope this helps you all, as there are so many awesome give aways out there!

Good Luck Loves!

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