Hi guys! So, because I get asked a lot of these questions, I thought I'd put them up all in one spot for you :) If you have any other questions you can email them to elizabethmlangille(at)gmail(dot)com.

Where are you from?
Right now, I live in a smaller-ish city, outside Toronto, Ontario. I was actually was born in Iowa City, Iowa, then moved back to Canada about 6 months after I was born.

What products do you use to maintain your nails?

I use all these products (except for the cuticle trimmer!) on a daily basis, pretty much. I use the 2 files and the 4 way buffer on my nails, every few days to maintain the length and then Bio Oil and Burt's Bees on my cuticles, probably 3-4x a day.

What is your favourite base coat?
I actually don't have a favourite base coat, but recently I have been using Beauty Secrets Nail Hardener or if I break a nail, I have a growth treatment from Sally Hansen, not too sure what it's called exactly, I don't use it that often.

What is your favourite top coat?
Currently, I think I have found my favourite in Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat. I used to LOVE Seche Vite and China Glaze Fast Forward, but they do not play well with my body chemistry and both shrank my polish and made it prone to peeling off in sheets. Revlon QD doesn't do either of those things, dries just as fast & shiny and I can use it on top of konad designs, so I love it!

How many polishes do you have?
Umm..well I believe it's around the 200 mark, but I am not positive. I know I once said that anything over 150 was ridiculous..and well, I passed that...whoops! So I try to not count too often!

What type of camera do you use?
I have a pink Sony Cybershot DSC-W150. I don't know if it's the best camera, but it's what I own, I've had it for about 4 years and I love it, mainly because it's pink! It's not the greatest because it reflects the colour into my polish but I like it so far!

How do you store your polishes?
As you know, I just ventured into the world of Melmers. I will probably have to get a second one soon. I know a lot of people like Helmers, but since I still live at home, I don't have a lot of space, and if I ever move in with my boyfriend, I think he'd kill me if he saw a Helmer, I feel like Melmer's are more sneaky!

Why did you start blogging/When did you start doing your nails?
I started blogging January 21st, 2011, after reading blogs and diving head first into this world for over a month. I got a manicure done with OPI Merry Midnight and became OBSESSED with tracking it down, which led me to nails blogs. Which then lead me to konad. and I'm hooked now. I didn't really used to do my nails until the past year, although I always loved nail polish, I relegated it to my toes because I bit my nails. Now that I've stopped that, the addiction set in for good!

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