About Me

My name is Elizabeth and I live in Ontario, Canada!

I've always loved nail polish, although I used to restrict it only to toes, or when I got a professional manicure, as it wasn't until about 2009 that I finally stopped biting my nails and began to paint them! Once I found the nail polish blogging world, I obviously found how much I loved painting my nails and blogging has been so rewarding, both in the quality of my nails and all the people I've met!

I love all things pink, purple, green or sparkly! Holographic finishes are my newest obsession, and clearly the hardest to find! I also LOVE nail art, although I am HORRIBLE at anything outside of a stamp or scotch tape!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my blog! If you have any questions/comments or concerns, please email me at elizabethmlangille(at)gmail(dot)com!
<3 Elizabeth
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