Monday, January 12, 2015

Help Needed!

Hi Loves & Happy Monday! I'm sorry I didn't post at all last week, but I have a dilemma.

One of the reasons I fell out of polishing my nails was that I seem to have had some kind of change in my body chemistry and the result of that is that my nail polish, regardless of brand, top coat, base coat (combo or mix 'n match) chips within hours, and usually I am able to peel off in full sheets. This used to happen when my various quick dry top coats got old, thick or close to the bottom of the bottle, but now, even a fresh bottle or a non-quick dry top coat will do that to me. I've changed base coats, I've tried matching base coats to top coats or polishes, and nothing. So far the top coats I own are Cult Nails, Rica, HK Girl, KBShimmer, Revlon, L'Oreal Gel, Seche Vite, China Glaze. I also have the HK Girl Base coat, Zoya, Orly Bonder, L'Oreal Gel Base, Cult Nails base coat, a Revlon and a China Glaze.

So, I'm not sure how much I'll be posting because honestly I'm tired of painting my nails only for them to peel off again. I need some recommendations, even though I know preferences/body chemistry is different for everyone, but I need a solution!

I'm also interested in the new OPI Infinite Shine system, it is a bit pricey but if any of you have tried it or you know of any reviews out there for me to read, please let me know!

Thanks for reading! <3

Monday, January 5, 2015

Chanel Provocation

Happy Monday Loves! I hope you all had a fantastic vacation! I actually ventured out to the mall over the weekend, and it was surprisingly not busy..I may even go back tomorrow! I haven't been to a mall in months, mostly because my local one never seems to have what I want and I did ALL of my Christmas shopping online!

My mother got what I consider the best Christmas present this year. My brother bought her Chanel Provocation, which has been on my lust list since it came out. I have actually had it on my ebay watch list forever, and I somewhat forgot that it was still in stores. My brother has high-end taste, so he went to Holt Renfrew and bought my mom, my sister & I all high end nail polish. I was a bit concerned when he told me he bought my mom a "medium purple" (in his words) as she is mostly a sheer pink or no nail polish kind of woman. BUT, just like me, she LOVES this colour and kindly let me use it on New Years (after I did a manicure for her with the polish as well!)

Sadly, Chanel doesn't wear long on me, I may have to invest in their base coat to see if that makes a difference. My photos aren't 100% accurate colour-wise, but don't worry, you'll be seeing this shade again!

Thanks for reading <3

Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year's Eve Nails

Happy Friday Loves! I hope you all had a fantastic NYE, regardless of what you did, and hopefully 2015 is treating you well so far! I stayed in, as my boyfriend and I have been sick over the holidays, and he is still recovering! It was nice to relax, and I made sure that my nails were festive and we had champagne!

I borrowed my mom's Christmas present for my base (which I'll talk about another day soon, I love this polish) and sponged on OPI Spark de Triomphe and Essie Set in Stones. The base colour isn't coming out quite accurate, since I was in afternoon winter sunglight (which made it too sparkly and freaked out my camera) or in indirect light, (so I could show you the sparkle without all the light hitting it!)

Have a great weekend & Thanks for reading <3
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