Thursday, December 11, 2014

Snowy Scene

Hi Loves & Happy Thursday! I painted these a few days ago when it was all green and my nails did not match the outdoors, but looks like the weather decided to take a hint. Eastern/Central Ontario got our first hit of snow and man, it slowed us down. I was supposed to be on my way to Windsor for a funeral, however, after getting up at 5am and leaving at 5:50 am, it took us more than 2 & 1/2 hours to get to the beginning of Scarborough, which normally takes 25 minutes, so we had to turn around and go back home, since we were going to miss the funeral/wake, and then we'd be sitting around in Windsor waiting until we could go home and miss coming back in Toronto afternoon rush hour! Oh well, at least the snow looks pretty when I'm not driving in it, and now I'm on the hunt for some good winter boots!

I tried a gradient, but I think I needed to be a bit heavier with my colours, since they were a bit washed out. I used Picture Polish Beige, and sponged on OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and Essie Marshmellow. You sadly can't see the white too much, but oh well. I stamped various snowflakes on with Sally Hansen Silver Sweep. I used 5 or 6 BM/Konad plates, so I'm not going to list them all!

I hope you're all having a great Friday Eve, if you're stuck in the snow, or going to get hit later tonight, stay safe!

Thanks for reading <3

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  1. These are the best kind of snowflakes! Pretty to look at and enjoy.


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