Wednesday, April 30, 2014

White and Gold

Happy Wednesday my loves! I know it's spring, and spring needs rain to make everything green and floral, but the GTA is in for some serious rain for the next week and I am not too happy. However, tonight my mother & I are on our way to a local (ish) outlet mall, which has a Kate Spade and a J.Crew outlet and I am SO excited, so hopefully some retail therapy cheers me up.

If you don't know, a few months ago I stumbled upon Caitlin Covington and her blog, Southern Curls and Pearls and she has become my new fashion/accessory obsession, and most recently my nail muse! Caitlin posted these nails on instagram, now hers are a gel manicure but I had to try this out for myself. I used OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and then used a striping brush and China Glaze Passion. I need a steadier hand, and for my index nail to grow again, but otherwise I LOVE the result, thanks Caitlin!

Thanks for reading and I hope your weather is nicer than mine!


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