Thursday, April 24, 2014

NYC Greenwich Village

Happy Thursday Loves! I am very happy it's Thursday, because then we're only 1 day away from Friday and man I need Friday. I have cut out coffee completely after a 3 week stint of 2-4 coffee's a day, and it's been rough, but sadly I think it's helping my headaches..hopefully I can re-introduce 1-2 coffee's a day back into my regimen because I miss it!

I realized, looking into my drafts/photos that never got published, that you're in for a lot of pink nail polish in the next little while. I'd been very lazy in terms of painting my nails and all I wanted to wear was various shades of pink...oops! Sorry if it seems a bit repetitive in the next little while! I borrowed this polish from my boyfriend's Mom, she's constantly been painting her nails this colour and after realizing I have nothing similar in my stash (or if you're my boyfriend, I apparently have everything similar..but we all know there are a million shades of pink!) I decided I needed to borrow it.  For some reason I always thought this polish would be green whenever I heard the name...but nope!

My nails are shorter, because about a month an a half ago they ALL broke, so I caved and filed them down, so sorry it's a bit odd to suddenly see short nails!

Have a great Thursday loves!

Thanks for reading <3


  1. I agree that the name is misleading, I would assume it would be green as well! This is such a pretty summery pink though!


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