Sunday, December 15, 2013

Holiday Nails

Hello lovely readers!

It has been awhile!! Since I last blogged I have moved into a brand new apartment with my boyfriend, I went to Australia to visit my old roommate, and came back totally in love with the country, and have just lately been working at my restaurant job about 5-6 days a week! I wasn't painting my nails or doing anything exciting, so I just didn't come back to lifeandpolish for a bit.

I was feeling very inspired by all the beautiful snowy weather we are having in Canada, and I am definitely in the Christmas spirit so I just had to share my nails with you!

I used China Glaze's Velvet Bow (last year's Christmas collection), and Essie's Ruby Slippers, with a little bow stamp from my Bundle Monster plates. I stamped with Essie's No Place like Chrome (my go-to).

Please excuse the dry hands...I left my nice hand cream at a friend's after doing her nails, and I'm struggling to keep my fingers looking their best!

Also I used my brother's camera (he lent it to me for my trip) and wow, it shows all my flaws! So I did re-touch a little bit...the camera just picks up on everything...apparently my cuticles are dirty but I can't see it in real life!

Just a teeny bit of editing done ;) 

Love this wine colored red!

It looks a lot less purple IRL

Well, that's it for me today. Hopefully I can come up with a few more blog worthy posts--and hopefully my brother will let me keep his camera for a bit ;) My boyfriend's new computer has some interesting editing tools so I had some fun playing around with it today. Hope everyone is enjoying their December and Happy Holidays everyone <3


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