Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Stamping Begins!

Happy Monday my loves! It's officially December and my favourite time of the year. I managed to sneak in a little decorating in my room yesterday so I'm happy! I had a fairly busy weekend but I've gotten all my Christmas shopping so now to sit back and enjoy December as it comes. I hope all of you Americans are over your Turkey comas and ready for a new week!

When I got my first package from Nail Polish Canada and the beautiful China Glaze polishes I knew I had to stamp over one of my manicures after swatching. China Glaze Just Be-Claws was so gorgeous I couldn't bear to take it off. Nail Craze stamping plate 03 has a design that sometimes makes me think of a Ukrainian-like pattern I used to see, but it also reminds me of old-fashioned holiday sweaters! I used that image and China Glaze Passion and I thought my "sweater nails" were so cute I nearly wore them for a whole week!

I know I have another image like this in one of my Bundle Monster sets so you will be seeing a similar manicure in the future!

Thanks for reading & I hope you have a fantastic Monday <3


  1. Great colour combination...and I envy you that you have all your shopping done!

  2. I adore sweater nail! I have the same stamping plate, it's just toooooo cute! :)

  3. So cute!! I haven't tried this image yet!


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