Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I Forgot I Had This...

Hi my loves, Happy Wednesday. How is everyone's November going? Mine is whipping by, since by this weekend, November will almost be half over. I'm sure all my American friends are getting ready/excited for Thanksgiving! I am slowly planning out all my Christmas shopping, a lot of it seems to be online, which is great because I am hating shopping malls these days! I am hoping to get all my shopping done by the first week of December so I can enjoy decorating, wrapping and baking!

This manicure is a bit boring, and I think that's why I managed to forget it in my photos album on my computer. I did this manicure way back in the beginning of September! My sister had come home for a few days before her trip to Australia and I requested she bring me some polishes because I was bored of all of mine. I used Essie Vermillionaire and No Place Like Chrome. I had wanted something fall-esque, even though it was still early September and No Place Like Chrome is my favourite polish I don't own.

I still don't have a memory card for my camera, but I will be going out to get one, since I'm getting in the Christmas mood and Christmas manicures are my favourite to create!

Thanks for reading loves! <3

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