Monday, October 7, 2013

Review, NCLA Wraps, So LA!

Happy Monday my loves! It's a short week here for me, Thanksgiving (in Canada) is this coming weekend and the schools have both Friday and next Monday off, so I'm looking forward to 2 short weeks in a row! I can't believe how quickly halloween is coming up, I'll have to start looking at manicures to do!

This review should have been up weeks ago, but in my bedroom shuffle, my memory card got lost and I am somewhat forgetful these days, so I apologize! I've tried nail wraps before, however these have become hands down my new favourites, and I have several other styles to add to my to-buy list! Harlow & Co now carries NCLA polishes AND wraps, and let me tell you, this is one of my new favourite brands!

So LA! wraps are gorgeous, easy-to use nail wraps. They come with 26 adhesive stickers, these ones have an ombre/sunset style background with palm trees, and you can use them to create a full manicure, or accent nails. As long as you re-seal the leftover wraps, a whole package will last you a long time and for $16, that's a deal! I wanted a full manicure, so I followed the directions, I used a base coat, chose (with some trial and error) the correct size wrap, and filed. Sadly, as you can see, I was a little overzealous with my filing (MY error, not NCLA) and so there is a bit of nail in my photos. However, once topped with topcoat, these babies LAST. I can't tell you how much I love these and I intend on making the "It Don't Matter"  and "Fowl Play" sets part of my collection.

If you need more proof as to how amazing/how cute these are, especially in an accent manicure, check out Marta's review of the Fairy Floss set!

These wraps, as well as the many gorgeous polishes from NCLA are available at Harlow & Co. They offer free shipping to Canada and the US on orders over $50, and free international shipping on orders over $75!

Thanks for reading and I hope you love these wraps as much as I did! <3

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