Thursday, September 5, 2013

Zoya Blaze

Happy Thursday Loves! I love that this week is a short week, I don't know what it is, but I've been really exhausted/not feeling well lately, so even though I'm glad to be back at work, I'm happy for this short week to ease me back into the daily grind.

So, after I went camping a few weeks ago, I cracked a couple of nails, so I had to shorten my nails down.  I think my nails are too brittle, I need to find a good roller ball cuticle oil. I need one to throw in my purse so I remember to use it all the time.

I wanted something bright and fun on my shorter nails, and so again, I came upon a holographic polish. Zoya Blaze is from last year's holiday collection and man I love it. It's a raspberry pink toned scattered holographic polish and...I just have no words. Just stare and love it.

I hope Zoya brings out finishes like this at Christmas this year, because last year they knocked it out of the park!

Thanks for reading & have a fantastic Thursday <3


  1. I've never seen this polish, boy is it stunning!

  2. Blaze is one of my favorite Zoya's. It's just so gorgeous!

  3. This is beautiful how easy is it to remove?
    Nailcare HQ makes an awesome portable cuticle oil and it is refillable I love it but there are some other brands and such that have same applicator they are perfect for when you are out.


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