Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Purple Flowers

Happy Wednesday! If you think you've already seen this post, you're right! I wrote & prepped this Sunday night and it posted Monday, but after I wrote it, I felt guilty about having a non-Canadian coloured manicure up for Canada Day. So I changed my mind and quickly painted my nails, photographed, watermarked and posted something on Monday!

I've been loving simple manicures lately and craving manicures that I can wear for several days, since my ambition to change my manicure frequently has been fairly low. This is BB Couture Maleficent Magenta, a favourite of mine, stamped with a konad plate (you might be familiar with this stamp by now!) and Sally Hansen Silver Sweep. So simple, yet so cute!

I hope you're all having a fantastic Monday & a great start to summer!

Thanks for reading <3

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