Sunday, June 2, 2013

Two for the Price of One

Happy Sunday!

I'm sorry I didn't get around to posting last week, ugh, this has been a busy month for me, thankfully even though I'm writing this up in advance, by the time it's live, I will be DONE my exam! YAY!

I have two different looks, one from the previous week, and the one from this week is from my girls night out with my co-workers!

My first set of pictures is from a NOTD awhile ago. I saw Essie's Maximilian Strasse-her on sale for $4.98 at The Superstore, so exciting! I also used my nameless China Glaze gold glitter for a fun, eye-catching manicure.

I smudged my ring finger - sorry!

This week I had a great night out with all the girl's from the bar portion of the restaurant, my manager got the time off for all of us, and I was so excited to be included! (I work both in the dining room, and then I work in the bar when they are short staffed).

I originally had planned on using a stamp with lipstick and lip prints, but it was too big for my nails and it looked silly, so snake print it is! I used my MAC Archie's Collection Past Curfew, currently my fave go-to polish, it's the perfect color of raisin/wine-purple color. LOVE THIS! It did stain a little unfortunately when I had to fix stamping, so, sorry in advance!

Just LOVE the bottle- the packaging is so cute

If only my nails were larger!
And that's what's been on my nails lately! Which is your favourite, dark and printed, or light and sparkly?


  1. Happy to see a Canadian blogger! I love the light and sparkly in this case. Maybe because it's summer?


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