Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunny Yellow

Happy Sunday readers!

How is everyone? This is probably the FIRST post I'm writing wayyyyy in advance...I haven't done any blogging sooner than the night before in a LONG LONG time!

I was searching my drawers after wearing last week's snakeskin manicure for 6 (SIX!!) days with barely any chipping, mostly tip wear and grew out. So I picked up one of my favourite yellows, Taxi Cab Yellow by NYC (I love all my yellows but some of them just take like a billion coats, I used 3 for this one) and was wondering what to do! I saw Cris, from Let Them Have Polish's instagram post, a previous manicure she did and was inspired to do some dotting. I used Misa's Bikini with a Martini and Sally Hansen's Jungle Gem (some of my two go to's lately)

So here's my manicure:

The pink is SO different IRL--much more hot pink

my camera washes all the colors out too much

Just a fun, sunny, summer manicure! Hope you enjoyed it! <3

1 comment:

  1. Dots! Yellow! I love yellow and I love dots. Therefore, I love this manicure :-)


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