Sunday, May 5, 2013

Layla Hologram Effect

Good Morning Sunday Readers!

I have had a crazy busy week, and crazy weekend, that's why this post is a bit late today. My roommate and one of my best friend over the past two years has left to go teach in Australia for the next 6 months, so my Friday was a bit bittersweet, and then Saturday I was up and about visiting family and then back to work!

Since it's been so sunny and amazing outside this obviously calls for holo polish to be worn!
For the past 3 days (yes almost no chips!) I have been wearing Mermaid's Spell by Layla. I tried the layering method, to put a few coats, then top coat, then more coats and top coat and the polish has really held up!

This polish is only slightly dulled by my topcoat but it's still gorgeous!

A quick snap in early morning light

really shows off the rainbow hues

Love this color

So there you have it! I definitely can see a few more holographic colors being worn this week ;) How was everyone else's weekend? <3

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