Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Saturday!

Hi loves & Happy Saturday! Sorry this post is a little late, I forgot to prep it before I went to bed last night and then I spent this morning chauffeuring my boyfriend around town (he didn't bring his car home) and I just dropped him off at the dentists. He is not very happy, as he has at least 4 cavities that need drilling and they'll probably find more. I don't know how he has any teeth without fillings left to be honest!

Anyways, because it's been so sunny out recently, I've been pulling out my holo's more often since they are SO pretty in the sun. I know I've worn and blogged about this one before but DS Sapphire is just so awesome. My 8 year old cousin LOVES it..but she never wants to wear it on her nails...just stare at the bottle haha! You might also notice I filed my nails down a touch..they were getting just a tad too long so I tried to bring them down to a manageable length!

I hope your Saturday is wonderful and Thanks for reading! <3 :)


  1. love love love holos! This one is stunning x

  2. I have this one in my untrieds. I'm looking forward to the sunshine of summer so I can wear my holos again!


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