Saturday, April 27, 2013

Navy Blue and a Car

Hi Loves! Happy Saturday! I hope you're all having a great weekend. The weather here is starting to get warmer and we're supposed to have some nice sunny, warm days coming up so I'm excited. Tonight I'm hosting a local Euchre tournament (even though I can't play!) so my weekend is pretty busy!

On Thursday I posted I was picking up a new car, and obviously the occasion called for matching nails. I didn't have a colour the exact shade of my car (woe is me) but I had one that was pretty close. Zoya Ibiza, a deep midnight blue shimmer, is one of my favourite shades of navy blue of all time. And, then I wanted to stamp it, but OMG I didn't have a plate with any car/tire/mechanics images. AT ALL. I actually am stunned. I am sure there is one out there (and MrsRexy of Canadian Nail Fanatic probably has that plate!) so I had to settle on this flower image from the 3rd BM set.

The colour in the bottle seems much more similar to my car, than on my nails!

And now, my new (to me!) car! I am so excited still!

Thanks for reading & have a great Saturday!


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