Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Flowers

Happy Friday! It's finally Friday. I can't believe it, this week has gone by so fast and yet so quickly it's been crazy. I also can't believe next week is Easter because I keep thinking Easter is supposed to be April, it's throwing me off.

So again, these are some throwback nails, since they're my longer nails (I'll get back there soon I hope). This feels very spring appropriate even though I did this manicure at the beginning of February! This is a base of OPI Mod About You topped with Enchanted Polish Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and a bundle monster stamp!

Sadly I only managed one day of sunlight to capture the holographic awesomeness that is Lucy in the Sky, but it was a really pretty combination.

Thanks for reading & I hope you're having a great first few days of spring <3


  1. Yay spring! Now if only the weather would get the memo! ;-) this mani is gorgeous!

  2. I am loving this color combo! This mani is very pretty and spring-y...I love it! :)

  3. very pretty and perfect for spring...if it ever gets here!

  4. Every time I see your posts in blogloving I do a double take... your nails are sooo long and gorgeous. We so need a nail-date.
    Love how soft and feminine this look is.


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