Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Silver Chevrons

Happy Wednesday! Who watched Pretty Little Liars last night? Anyone else? Or just me? I have gotten into this show since the summer season started. It was a good way to end my night since yesterday we got another snowfall. I don't understand, it's supposed to be spring..I didn't think I'd have to be shoveling in March!

So, these nails are a little blast from the past, as probably 1 other manicure, since they are my formerly long nails that I didn't get to post, since St. Patrick's Day spam got in the way. I am really on a chevron kick, and I'm dying for someone to come out with a wider or thicker chevron stamp. This is NYC Concrete with Sally Hansen Silver Sweep stamped over top!

I can't believe it's Wednesday already, this week is definitely flying by at an alarming speed!

Thanks for reading <3


  1. That is my favorite gray!!! So pretty!!

  2. Girl LOOK at those pretty nails! You are one of the few I cna stand with longer nails, they are so pretty! And this design is making them look even prettier :).

  3. I love this mani!!!! The silver looks awesome on the gray and the whole thing looks so cool together.

  4. I love this monochrome mani! Yaaaaa... first person to make a stamping plate with the wide chevron gets my hard earned $$ too! I agree with Deborah, I like the longer nails on you.

  5. I know you were looking for larger chevrons; MyOnLineShop has a new plate coming out with some...

    I can't say by the pix if they are larger or not but thought I'd let you know; I can tell you once my order arrives though! lol!

    I also seem to think that one of the new Cheeky plates has them too...


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