Monday, March 11, 2013

Sally Hansen Blue It

Good Morning & Happy Monday loves! I hope you all survived Daylight Saving's Time. I was out at a bar, came home at 2 and then watched the clocks all turn over from 2-3am instantly. Let me tell you, that is so weird!

So, I'm still on March Break and if you follow me on twitter or instagram, you might have seen over the past month a lot of makeup hauling going on. I don't know why the sudden switch but I haven't been terribly interested in too much nail polish lately. That being said, I *might* try to upload a haul video to my YouTube channel. I say might because I have tried to do video's before but I HATE how my voice sounds, so maybe I can do a voice over or something!

Anyways, it is definitely feeling a little "springish" outside these days and Easter is coming up soon, earlier than usual this year, but somehow I keep switching between wanted to wear pastels..and well, other un-seasonal colours. Sally Hansen Blue-It is definitely one of those 'un-seasonal' colours, I've shown it here before but every time I put it on I remember how much I love it.

I don't have many blues but this metallic royal blue is so pretty <3

Thanks for reading loves!


  1. Wow! What a fun and bright blue! its easy to see why you love this one. I know what you mean when you say it feels like spring! I can't wait to shed the winter gear!!!!!


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