Sunday, March 3, 2013

March Nail Art Challenge Day 1 (Belated)

Hi Readers!
How was your weekend? Can you believe it's March 3rd already! 

I have decided  to participate in the "I Have a Life" March Nail Art Challenge. There are challenges every few days, so that it's a bit easier for those of us who don't have the time or energy (or maybe skill) to attempt those 31 day challenges. I envy those of you who can think up creative nails every day of the month and who have the skills to pull it off! Maybe this challenge will help me work on my skills and not get too frustrated with my efforts!

Since I only post weekly I will show you what I came up with for each of the weeks, which may include up to 3 or maybe 4 different looks, so sorry if the next week weeks my posts are lengthy!

This week I have the chevron nails, and I have never done chevron nails (or at least never posted them, mine never look too good)

I used Essie No Place Like Chrome for my base, and then China Glaze For Audrey as my chevron and dot detailing, along with Essie A-crewed Interest.

My chevron on my left hand definitely came out kinda lopsided, my right hand was much better but those nails are butt ugly so I didn't photograph them.

I wish the pink was brighter...I'd redo it

I like to think these nails look a little spaceship-y

Well, that's one nail art down, 11 more to go! I think I'll definitely try the chevron again, but it's definitely a practice makes perfect kind of technique! Enjoy your week and look out for the #nailartmar on instagram to see what the other ladies are posting!

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  1. Cute mani!! I always want to do challenges but chicken out lol


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