Thursday, March 14, 2013

Green Spam Part 1

Happy Thursday my loves! I hope you're all having a great day as it inches closer towards the weekend and St. Paddy's day! Yesterday I did a little retail therapy with my mom, and even though I didn't buy too much, she bought tons! I feel like a great enabler!

Since St. Patrick's day is on Sunday, I felt I should comb through my stash and find anything and everything green! I split it up into 3 parts, since I have quite a bit, or well, quite a bit for the average person! Today I have 4 lovely green cremes for you! As a side note, you might notice my nails are much shorter :( Sadly my index nail broke the corner off, and I couldn't bear to take it all the way down, but I did try to file my nails down to match. I know some people hate when 1 nail is shorter than the others, but sorry, I couldn't do it!

Sally Hansen Green with Envy, a gorgeous bright, almost lime-y, grass green! I love this polish but I rarely wear it. It's sort of "shrek"-like but so cute.

China Glaze Starboard. This is what I consider a 'real' grass green. This is from the nautical collection a few days ago, and I think it definitely jump started my "green" habit.

Essie Going Incognito. Oh man, dark green perfection! I love this beauty <3 I saw this first on Deniz's blog and I NEEDED this polish to try imitate this look. I still don't have OPI Glow Up Already but I am ok with that. I think I need to re-do this look when my nails grow out a bit.

And finally, Revlon Minted. I LOVE mint green colours, but I only really own 1, because, it gives me super lobster hands. I also only ever seem to pull it out when I have short nails..and I don't love it on short nails for some reason :(

I hope you enjoyed Day 1 of Green spam, look for parts 2 & 3 coming up Friday & Saturday!

Thanks for reading <3


  1. I'm in love with the China Glaze & the Revlon!

  2. Sally Hansen Green with Envy looks like the perfect spring time green, great for St,Pats too (of course! lol). I'll poor a bit of acetone for your broken nail!

  3. I don't look good in most green polishes but I love looking at them - Starboard also was one that pushed me into green polish being really cool (on other folks)

  4. Pretty greens! I love the China Glaze, it is such a great shade.

  5. Oh gosh green is just about my fave colour every I have dozens
    Look forward to the rest of the posts :)

    Have a lovely day


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