Thursday, February 21, 2013

Winter Blues

Hi lovelies! Happy Thursday! I can't believe it's Thursday already! My week has been super short because Monday was a holiday, and then it's only 2 weeks until March Break, which I am forced to take off because school's out! But oh well, I'm planning to head up to where my boyfriend lives and go snowboarding at a local resort.

These nails I'm posting today are actually from the vault, from somewhere mid-January, back in the "heart of winter" or what we usually call the deep freeze period. I was feeling all winter blah and I wanted a nice jolt of colour to lift my spirits. Etude House BL505 is such a beautiful deep glass fleck blue, I wish I had more access to Etude house polishes. I am going to warn you though, my cuticles are SO dry and because the weather went into a super cold snap (we're talking a week of -15 and colder) no matter how much product I put on my nails, they dried out, because my house is so dry! So, sorry that they are gross. But the polish is pretty?

Look at the polish, not the hands. Anyways, I hope you're having a fantastic Thursday!



  1. This is a lovely shade, I love glass fleck polishes! My cuticles are so dry at the moment too, I'm just trying to make them look nicer before I start switching polishes but its not working xx

  2. Mmmm this is such a gorgeous shade of blue! i do love glass flecks!


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