Monday, February 4, 2013

I'll Confess..No Superbowl For Me

Hi loves, Happy Monday! How many people are still in a food/chili/post-Super Bowl coma from yesterday..or a hangover? Not me! I know, I am feeling a bit freakish today. I did not watch the Super Bowl, or the half time show. I'm not going to lie, I'm not really a big Beyonce fan, so I didn't feel the need to tune in. Instead I applied to some jobs, read makeup blogs, watched some youtube tutorials..and then read a book. Yep, my boring life!

Anyways, since Katy showed you her entry for the Harlow & Co Valentine's Day Manicure contest I figured I'd show you mine. I thought that since it was a Nail Art contest, I'd actually try some freehand art. Of course, by doing this, I'm pretty sure I knocked  myself out of the running to win because, well, my free hand skills suck. However, I think the design I picked out is pretty cute, even though I probably could have been more creative with stamping. I like how simple it is. The bases are OPI Mod About You & My Boyfriend Scales Walls and the hearts were made with a dotting tool & Barry M Raspberry.

If you want to vote in the contest, click here to go to the Facebook page & vote to your heart's content!

Thanks for reading loves & I hope you have a wonderful Monday <3


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