Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Different Dimension Part 3

Hi & Happy Tuesday! Today I have the final installment of Missi's AMAZING Different Dimension Polishes for you and once again it'll be a little picture heavy so it's going under the cut!

Different Dimension Lapis Lazuli is again, playing with my love for TVD, so obviously I love this polish. Inspired by the stone that the Vampire's wear to be able to walk in the sun, each bottle of this polish is slightly different. It's a deep blue jelly base with shard-like matte glitter. You can wear this layered but the base is fairly tinted, as I wore it alone, so I'd wear it over a blue in order to see the dark glitter.

Next up is Sparkles Like Edward. My sister groaned at the name, but the polish is super pretty! It's a white milky, yet opaque base, with some shimmer and then multi-coloured pastel glitter. Again, this can be layered, but as you can see, 3 coats on the nail and it's basically opaque.

All Red-y In Love, again, I LOVE puns, so I like this polish. A clear base with red glitter, round and heart glitter mixed in. These hearts were much easier to get out, as you can see. This is 1 coat over NYC Concrete.

And lastly, but not least, Orbital, aka LOVE at first site, A deep, almost opaque black base with turquoise, pink, and purple hex glitter, this baby stole my heart when I first opened the package. In this case, even though the base is fairly opaque, I thought if I layered it, it might muddy the colour of the glitter so this is 1 coat over Cult Nails Nevermore.

I hope you enjoyed my swatches and I really hope you go buy some Different Dimension polishes! Missi has all kinds of "themed" polishes, Pretty Little Liars, TVD, Valentine's (with awesome punny names), Big Bang Theory, Mean Girls and she is always coming up with more! Thanks Missi <3

Thanks for reading <3

*These polishes were sent for me for review. Please see my disclosure policy if you have any questions or concerns!*


  1. Oh these are super pretty too. I have my eye on several of these. I love that Lapis Lazuli very much!

  2. Orbital and sparkles like edward are probably my favourites! Simply gorgeous


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