Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Top Manicures of 2012

Hi loves and Happy 2013! A New Year means time for reflection, and so I have rounded up my top 12 manicures from last year, one from each month!

In no particular order, we have China Glaze Agro with black french tips

The Cult Nails Charming, with a konad stamp in Cult Nails Nevermore
A Marta-inspired manicure with China Glaze Pool Party & Black and White stamped accent nails
A mixed manicure with Cult Nails Nevermore, China Glaze I'm Not Lion and Black and White stamped nails
A neon ombre with China Glaze Sunworshipper, Flip Flop Fantasy and Pool Party
OPI Movin' Out layered over OPI Tease-y Does It
Another Marta-inspired pink & black manicure with China Glaze Shocking Pink and black and white stamps
My most recent Pinkmas manicure with OPI Mod About You, My Boyfriend Scales walls and pink & white stamped snowflakes
ASK Cosmetics Oh So Aubergine and White stamping
Dr. Remedy's Nails Lively Lavender and white stamping
Dollish Polish Random Dancing layered over ASK Cosmetics Teal
And finally a splatter manicure with NOPI My Lifesaver as the base, then splattered with Essie Going Incognito, China Glaze Liquid Leather,Sally Hansen Blue Away, Sally Hansen Green With Envy and Orly Frolic.
As you can see, my nails have changed quite a bit, with the purple zig zag and splatter manicure being last January/February, and the mixed manciure and Pinkmas manicures being this fall/winter.

I hope you all have fantastic starts to 2013 & as always, thanks for reading <3


  1. I love your choices! Happy NY!

  2. Cute manicures! I need to try the splatter mani again; I tried once and it did not work at all....

  3. I can't pick a favorite! As I scrolled down, I was like oh I like this one - no wait I like that one! You have some fantastic manis here :)

  4. I love all of these, but the Pinkmas must be my fav' ♥.


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