Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pink, Bows and Glitter

Happy Saturday loves! I am having a hard time believing that it's already almost 2 weeks into January! I feel like this year is going to fly by! I hope you all had a good week, mine was pretty boring, no work, so I spent a lot of time watching TV  However, I am excited that my 2 year blogging anniversary is coming up in about 10 days! I can't believe it's been 2 years!

So, I wanted something really girly, and because now that I own OPI Mod About You, I definitely have the urge to wear it all the time, it's probably one of my favourite pinks. I sponged the tips with OPI Mad As A Hatter (I STILL can't believe I own this!), and stamped the ring fingers with a bow image from a konad plate and dotted the centre with MAAH as well.

I love this, although my Aunt told me that from far away it looked like my fingers were dirty, but at least it was sort of cute close up...*sigh* gotta love backhanded compliments, eh?

Thanks for reading & have an awesome Saturday <3


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