Sunday, January 27, 2013

Essie Where's My Chauffeur and a Nail Update

Happy Sunday Friends!
Where did January go? I can't believe it's almost over...although that makes me excited because it's one less month of snowy weather ;). I enjoy the idea of snow, but...I'm always cold, so summer is my jam.

I have another one of the Essie Winter Collection for you, the third of the 4 in my mini box set.
This one is Where's My Chauffeur, another beautiful Tiffany Blue! I think I might have to pull all of the Blue's in my stash and do a comparison, I know some are more blue or teal or green but might be interesting to see! It's definitely VERY similar to A-England Gallahad (I think...)

This is 2 coats with NYC Top Coat. Some of the pictures look bumpy, but it was the weird shadows I was getting. Sadly the lightbulb in my OTT light died (I think it fell off the counter and broke :( boo) So of course, right after I make a lightbox I can't use it. Ah well, such nail polish/white girl problems, eh?

Also I included a picture of my sad, discolored, but much stronger, and healthier nails, I am loving this Barielle protein rebuilder!!

This was 5 days ago, and my nails have grown since and I've shaped them. Ugh sorry they're yellow :(

Pretty robin's egg blue

Very winter appropriate I think!

That's all for today! Hopefully next week I will have some Superbowl Nails thought up? Also, if you haven't done so, Katie from Harlow and Co. is hosting a Valentine's day Nail contest!! You can enter up to the 31st of January and then voting for prizes is after that! Head on over here to find out all the details! I'm currently puzzling a manicure to enter as we speak!


  1. Your nails are coming around quite nice :)! And oh well, discolored nails shouldn't be an issue right? We always wear polish anyway ;).

    1. Haha yes! Although wearing nothing on my nails for the last three weeks has made me sad looking at them.


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