Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A-England Galahad

Hi Loves, Happy Wednesday! I hope you're all having a great week, I'm pretty bored, I haven't been working too much & getting a bit disappointed that I've applied to a bunch of maternity leave positions and I haven't even gotten an interview. Oh well, I'm sure good things will come my way eventually. On the other hand, the weather is NOT helping, we're definitely over our January thaw and into "the dead of winter" phase, which is my favourite time of year *not*. I'm dreaming of spring today for sure!

So back in the summer, Adina had an awesome sale, and Katy and I splurged on a couple of shades. I haven't worn Galahad alone but since I was looking for something bright and cheeful, it was calling me. I love this shade of turquoise/blue, it definitely cheers me up to look at my nails! Sorry there is a bit of tip wear but it took a few days of wearing it before I was able to take some photos.

Thanks for reading loves, hope your Wednesday/week is going better than mine! <3


  1. Sucks about the job situation! Something will come up soon! I love how the brightness of Galahad has a slight dustiness to it. It makes this a really sophisticated shade.

  2. Very pretty color; I don't think I've worn this yet!

  3. Hopefully you'll find a position soon and you are right; winter is here and it is freezing out!


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