Sunday, December 2, 2012

Revlon Smoldering

Happy Sunday friends :)

Yay! It's December!! I looovvee December, and Christmas and all things Holiday-y.
Another quick post for you guys this week. All my nails started to split and peel and so now they're down to the quick, making my nails look like a baby's :( boo.

I got Revlon Smoldering in a swap, and even though it's a bit sheer, I have no nail line right now, so it looks perfect. The color in this one is so cool, kind of a silver with a pink and green shift to it, not that I could get that come out in the photos though :(
I then stamped it with a BM plate...which was mistake. It looks ugly :( sigh, oh well! I wasn't big on manicures this week so I pretty much wore the color for 4 days straight.

See, the stamp is just...ugh. and it looks smudged in photos...but not IRL :(

This color is SO much better when not photographed..if you own it, you'll know!
One day I swear I'll have a real camera and a real light box and I'll be able to figure out how to make the colors show up...until then you'll just have to trust me! Enjoy your Sunday :) <3

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