Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy Holly-Days

Happy Monday lovelies! Sorry for the terrible pun in the title, but you know, it's so close to the holiday's, I can't help it! We had a family Christmas Party this weekend, and it was awesome. Lots of food, lots of playing with small children and just enjoying my time with the people I love.

Glittering Garland is probably one of my favourite China Glaze polishes, a very good way to stave off my need to purchase CG Emerald Sparkle (which I still want). It's so festive and this colour is gorgeous. I stamped my ring finger nail with a holly image from a BM plate and dotted the holly berries with Essie Ruby Slippers. So cute & simple!

Tonight I'm going out to dinner for my father's birthday & then the rest of the week will be counting down the days!

Thanks for reading <3


  1. Beautiful! I love how this looks. Glittering Garland has been on my wishlist for a while and for some reason I haven't picked it up yet!

  2. I LOVE Glittering Garland!!! Your mani is so festive, it looks great! Happy B-day to your Dad! Enjoy :)

  3. I love this simple but classy accent nail. Gorgeous :)

  4. I love this polish. It's such a gorgeous shade.


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