Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Essie Set in Stones

Hi my loves! Happy Wednesday! I'm so happy, last night my mom and I started to decorate for Christmas and tonight we're going to a local (well, sort of local) Christmas Parade. It's put on by farmers, they decorate their tractors, farm equipment, make floats, it's so fun & my 2 young cousins love it!

If you haven't heard about my boyfriend, he lives 3 hours away, which is very annoying sometimes and I often get a little depressed that he is so far away. After the last time he came home to visit, I got a little I obviously bought some nail polish to cheer myself up! I have been eyeing Essie Set in Stones for a while, and obviously glitter was just calling me to fit my depression. I sponged Essie Set in Stones on top of Essie Going Incognito. Loveeee <3

This definitely helped my mood, and started to get me feeling festive!

Thanks for reading loves <3


  1. love love... it is so so amazing combo

  2. This is just lovely! I like the glitter tips!

  3. This is probably my favorite mani you've done in a while! LOVE it!

  4. What a gorgeous green. I haven't seen it before but I love it. The sponged tips compliment it perfectly xx


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