Thursday, November 22, 2012


Hi Lovelies! Happy Thanksgiving! I have a little question for you all, since I'm having an issue with posting! So I tried to post today, and blogger is telling me I have used up my 1GB of free photo space? I think it has said this before and it was fine after a couple of days. Anyone know if this is actually the case or do I need to get a photobucket account (which I really don't want to do!)

Thanks! Hopefully I can get this sorted out and get back to posting.



  1. :/
    não sei o que acontece...

  2. This just happened to me yesterday. I went and started deleting photos off of the storage site to free up space - not realizing I was deleting them permanently from my blog! I ended up just buying the extra space.

  3. you too? I had this too and am already connected to a google+ account; wouldn't let me buy extra space so at a loss as to whats up. But I'm guessing its more like a google glitch or error now because how ironic that a few people are having same thing happen all the same day.


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