Sunday, November 4, 2012

Peacock Nails

Happy Sunday Loves!

I know this is after the fact, but Happy Halloween! The manicure I have for you guys today is the one I wore to my Halloween party on Wednesday!

I dressed up as a peacock and so I needed some nails to match!

I originally was going to gradient sponge, but I did my nails at the boyfriend's and forgot sponges..oops. Oh well, thank goodness for saran wrap!
For this look I first used NYC Greenwich Village, painting 1 coat on my nails, trying not to use too thick of a coat while also trying not to make it too sheer. I then used China Glaze's Shower Together, painting it over the top half of my nails. I waited for this to dry and then sponged on Rimmel's Night Before and Zoya's Charla to the middle-ish portion of my nail (trying to make a gradient effect) And then topping with seche vite. Lastly I used my new BM Plates and stamped over everything with Borghese Lira and topped with Seche Vite. Voila! I think it was a perfectly abstract peacock type manicure!

Sorry about the dry  hands :(

The purple wasn't as obvious as I had hoped

Well what do you think?!  I feel like this manicure was very Marta-inspired! She always has the best sponging/saran wrap manicures that I hope I did it justice! <3


  1. Hi, I just followed you!
    I am very happy to know you.
    Thank you for your post :)


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