Friday, November 23, 2012

Black & Silver

Happy Friday!  Anyone going to be hunting down some black friday sales? My sister & some friends are venturing into Michigan, I hope she brings me back a present ;) Wednesday's/Yesterday's picture issue seems to have been fixed, so on with the show!

I've been seeing Marta post on instagram about an upcoming Cult Nails polish, which is a black with a wax finish and I NEEDED to try to replicate that polish. So I'm wearing OPI Crown Me Already on my pinky & index, and Cult Nails Nevermore on my thumb, middle & ring, and I mattified it.

This one was so fun & sparkly..I need to wear something like this again soon!

Have an awesome Friday loves <3


  1. Very pretty! I hope your sister brings you something good :-)

  2. It was beautiful!
    I love mix creamy enamel with glitter. Always draws attention wherever it goes.
    Here in Brazil some stores participating in the Black Friday. Not as famous as in the USA, so there are few products that are discounted and worth really worth.
    Kisses and a great weekend!!


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