Sunday, November 18, 2012

An Early Christmas Manicure

Happy Sunday Friends :)

How was everyone's weekend? I didn't do too much, but I got into the holiday spirit trying to find a mini Christmas tree for my apartment (no luck, oh well).

I painted my nails China Glaze Holly Jolly, topped with Finger Paints Mistletoe Mischief. I then used China Glaze Phat Santa and Party Hearty on my accent nail. I tried to use the glitter to make a Christmas tree outline...but that didn't work at all! Oh well, try again next time!

Love the green :)

ignore my sad cut cuticle :(

I love Christmas themed anything and this manicure is simple and easy :) Can't wait to see everyone's upcoming holiday manicures <3


  1. Yay Christmas! And glitter! Whooo!!!

    1. Thanks :) I love Christmas and glitter too :)!

  2. Great colours! I can't bring myself to do Christmas mani's...yet! Soon, I'm sure!

    1. I got into the spirit after attempting to buy a Christmas tree for my apartment! Now I'm back to regular old fall colors. I'm searching for Essie's Smokin' Hot!


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