Friday, October 19, 2012

Zoya Leopard Print

It's FRIDAAAAAAAAAAY. Who watched TVD last night? All of you? Ok gooooood haha! I spent the whole time freaking out and drinking wine. A good way to spend a Thursday I feel!

So, to celebrate Friday, I have a festive leopard print, featuring one of the Zoya polishes I picked up in the Ontario bloggers swap! Zoya Jules has been on my wishlist. It`s a sparkling, semi-glassfleck light taupe, that does give me slight lobster hands but oh well. I stamped it with BM 221, then dotted with Zoya Layla!

Also can I say, the Zoya Anchor base is an ANCHOR. I took these photos 3 days after I did my nails, and during that time I taught kids, typed up resumes, did chores, cleaned a bathroom & served at a dinner. And they looked like THIS. amazeballs. It seems expensive for a base coat, but seriously, it is stellar.

Anyways, Happy Friday & enjoy <3


  1. awesome news about Zoya Anchor!
    Love the gold foil animal print!

  2. beautifulll! love it that you just used pink on a few dots not all of them!

  3. I need this asap! It looks so pretty and the fact that it held up for so long is amazing. I know its crazy, especially after being a blogger for a year, but I STILL havent tried Zoya...seems like I need to!


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