Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Stamping with OPI

Happy Sunday, lovely readers!

How was your weekend? Full of Halloween parties maybe?

I worked, BUT on Wednesday I'm going to a Halloween party and I'm super excited!

Today I have 2 different manicures for you! I originally had planned to post about my sweet score in finding the coveted Mad As A Hatter, BUT Elizabeth posted already on that this week, so I'll just throw some pictures in for good measure ;) Her's are better, the iphone clearly does not capture it's gloriousness, and we only had one day of sun this week so, still not the best.

The second manicure I have to show you is OPI's Black Tie Optional (I always type Black Tie Affair...dunno why) stamped with my go to gold, Borghese Lira, using my new stamping plates! Yes, I cracked and got the Bundle Monster 300 series, and a few select plates of the 200. My original Bundle Monster plates left me a teensy bit disappointed, as I didn't find as much use for them, but I've had these plates for 2 days and already stamped 3 different looks!!

I used 2 coats of BTO, and stamped with BM 323 using Lira, topping it off with seche vite!

Love this print!
BTO, such a beautiful purple

Not the  best shot but oh so sparkly

I thought this blurred shot showed all the glitters the best. LOOK AT THAT BOTTLE! LOVE

Alright, aside from my weak MAAH shots (thank goodness Elizabeth did it justice in her post) I think my stamping has greatly improved! I am officially obsessed. It's been awhile since I've changed my nails so often! Now I just need to get my bottle of Absolutely Alice from Marta and I'll have another awesome lemming to show you guys! <3


  1. Your stamping looks great Katy! Love the colors and design combined :). And MAAH.. even if you'd hold poop in your hands I'd still find that polish gorgeous ;)!

    1. LOL! Thanks Deborah! I know...I felt terrible showing the photos but I was too excited to wait to photograph it everyone knows what it looks like!! I am currently stamping (AGAIN) as we hooked!


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