Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturday Spam

Hola lovers! Happy Saturday! This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving & I am looking forward to it! My boyfriend is home for the weekend, & now a surprising number of extended family has committed to dinner on Sunday, so I can't wait. I love big family get togethers and this one is no different!

Today I have a little bit of mini spam for you! I've gotten some colours but often I wear them with stamping design over them, so I figured I'd swatch a some so you can see how gorgeous they are on their own!

 This is Sinful Colours Dream On. See how vibrant it is? This is why I picked it for my guest post for Cris ;)
 OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls. Love this beauty, it's so soft and definitely the touch of grey makes it a nice white, not like a "I painted my nails with white-out" kind of white!
 OPI Mod About You, love this pink, I'm sure you'll be seeing it used lots soon!
 Orly Bon Bon, a little sheer but nice & jelly like.
 China Glaze Wagon Trail...mmm..I have been wanting this forever! Look at that gold shimmer in that beauty!
Barry M Raspberry, so beautiful, so creamy, this was 2 coats, probably could be a 1 coater if I had been more careful!

Well I hope you enjoyed this mini-spam! If you want to see any of these colours in a design, let me know! I just got my new set of Bundle Monster plates to I'm itching to try them out!

Thanks for reading loves <3


  1. I love the mini spam! Enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend! I have to wait another month and a half for my Thanksgiving...haha!

  2. now I really do see that I need the "Boyfriend"!! and the "Wagon Trail".. mmmmmm =)


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