Thursday, October 4, 2012

Raspberry Skittles

Hi loves! Sorry this post is late, I forgot to type one up last night, and I just got home from a half day of work. I had such wonderful grade 10's & 12's today. I love it when they're so nice and personable!

Marta gifted me with Barry M Raspberry, after I had commented to her what a beautiful colour it seemed to be. It is seriously gorgeous. It's a one-coater raspberry red creme and man, I love it. I decided to make my nails skittles, because I just couldn't decide on a design. I used Wet n Wild White & a dotting tool on my index (ignore the chip..we had an incident with a razor), konad white & a BM plate on my middle, Barry M Raspberry & Zoya Astra on my ring and then OPI You're a Pisa Work on my pink (and thumb!)

I love this colour, so far of my 2 Barry M's, I am loving that brand. I might have to get some more. Any recommendations?

Thanks for reading <3


  1. Pretty, I love how it all comes together.

  2. You absolutely cannot go wrong with a skittle mani. SO darn cute, and that colour is KILLER!

  3. I really really love this manicure! Raspberry, jelly, glitter, dots... Perfect <3.

  4. I really really love this manicure! Raspberry, glitter, dots... Perfect <3!


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