Sunday, September 23, 2012

Glitta Gal and some stamping

Hi Sunday Readers!

Ever since I met up with the lovely Ontario bloggers I have vowed to work on stamping and working on my nail skills. No promises on how my photos turn out as my camera is still my iphone, but I am trying to be better at cleaning up and other things...I'm trying!

This week I used Cult Nails Nevermore as my base, with Sally Hansen Whirlwind white. Both were one coat. I then stamped it with the cards design (diamonds, hearts, clubs etc) because my roomate just came back from Vegas, using Nevermore again and then added Glitta Gal Soft Transitions Violet. Yes, I didn't wait long enough for the stamp to dry so I smudged. UGH! But hey, I stamped, so we'll try again some other time!
Let me tell you the Glitta Gal is SO COOL! It literally changed the color of my polish (as you can see, it's purple not black!) I was so surprised and I loved it!!

Onto the pictures!

You can see some purple sheen on my ring finger even in this photo! LOVED the Glitta Gal!
So what do you guys think? This glitta gal is pretty cool, I need to try layering it over other polishes too!<3

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