Friday, September 14, 2012

From the Vault: Gradient, Stamping & Accent Nails

Hi loves! Happy Friday. How is everyone's week going? Mine's been going well, worked 2 half days this week and I've been getting a number of calls for various jobs, so hopefully next week is just as busy. I am so happy that I am supplying, it's just one step closer to having a full time job. I cannot wait!

This post is from awhile back, I have a number of backlogged posts that I'll be interspersing with some new ones here & there so my nails might be short one day & longer the next, because I threw some older photos in! Sorry! I decided one day I was just going to try a gradient, and it worked. But then I wanted to stamp over it. But I couldn't decide, stamped in white or both happened. A lot is going on in this manicure, but I like it! I created a gradient using Orly Blue Collar, Frolic and Passion Fruit, then stamped with konad special white & wet n wild black creme using BM plate 209.

I still can't tell which way I like this stamped, with black or with white. What do you think?

Happy Friday loves & thanks for reading <3


  1. I like them both!! I think if I *HAD* to decide I would pick stamped with white. Although you can see the gradiant better under the black... so i don't know!! Congrats on getting all the jobs :D

  2. That looks awesome, love the two different color stamping!


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