Sunday, September 30, 2012

China Glaze Black Diamond

Hi Everyone, Happy Sunday!

This week I babysat two dogs and it was crazy but so much fun. Almost makes me want a puppy...keyword almost ;) Thankfully Jared was around because it's hard to walk two dogs at once! Especially an overexcited 6 month old puppy!!

So I recently received China Glaze's Black Diamond in the blogger meet up and it is such a cool neutral color! Right up my alley! I used two coats of black diamond, followed by China Glaze Tinsel Town my ring finger and thumb. Then I decided to jazz it up even more by adding some dots with a white striper, China Glaze Liquid Leather and Zoya Charla over Liquid Leather (so it would stand out). I used Wicked Fast to top everything off!

Isn't my bed spread pretty ;)
poor sad nubs, at least the dark color helps
the dots are clearer in this picture
Well what do you think of my nail art this week? Nothing too crazy but I was inspired by the dots in this The Beauty Department post and wanted something similar! (I want to try the actual manicure sometime but over a lighter base...maybe when I borrow Elizabeth's My Boyfriend Scales Walls that I have been coveting...) Enjoy your Sunday! <3


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