Sunday, September 30, 2012

China Glaze Black Diamond

Hi Everyone, Happy Sunday!

This week I babysat two dogs and it was crazy but so much fun. Almost makes me want a puppy...keyword almost ;) Thankfully Jared was around because it's hard to walk two dogs at once! Especially an overexcited 6 month old puppy!!

So I recently received China Glaze's Black Diamond in the blogger meet up and it is such a cool neutral color! Right up my alley! I used two coats of black diamond, followed by China Glaze Tinsel Town my ring finger and thumb. Then I decided to jazz it up even more by adding some dots with a white striper, China Glaze Liquid Leather and Zoya Charla over Liquid Leather (so it would stand out). I used Wicked Fast to top everything off!

Isn't my bed spread pretty ;)
poor sad nubs, at least the dark color helps
the dots are clearer in this picture
Well what do you think of my nail art this week? Nothing too crazy but I was inspired by the dots in this The Beauty Department post and wanted something similar! (I want to try the actual manicure sometime but over a lighter base...maybe when I borrow Elizabeth's My Boyfriend Scales Walls that I have been coveting...) Enjoy your Sunday! <3

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Soft Gradient

It's Saturday! I hope everyone is out doing something fun. I'm not, I have to work, but oh well, such is life! Hopefully it's not too boring of a night, 8 hours go by slowly when I get assigned a job I don't like/is not busy! At least it's not nice outside, I hate missing the beautiful fall weather, I hope it lasts all next week & into Thanksgiving!

As some of you may have seen on twitter, I recently purchased some new OPI's, including My Boyfriend Scales Walls. I'm pretty sure I was one of the LAST people to own this polish & I don't know what took me so long! I also picked up OPI Mod About You, which is the soft pastel pink I have been craving, but somehow always neglected to buy. I also bought Pirouette My Whistle. These 3 looked so pretty sitting in my little untrieds caddy, so I decided to do a gradient with all 3! I used MBSW as the base, Mod About You sponged on top, then a coat of Pirouette My Whistle to add some sparkle!

I love how this looks, the grey tone of MBSW looks so beautiful and I think it adds to the soft-ness of the manicure.

What do you think? <3

Thanks for reading lovelies.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Barry M Vivid Purple

Happpy Friday! Who is happy it's the weekend? I definitely am!

This beauty of a polish was given to me by Marta, and it's one of my first Barry M's! Vivid Purple is such a pretty deep amethyst colour, it has that "glow-from-within" feeling. I wanted to wear a manicure to match a shirt I wore one day so I stamped over it with BM 201 and Cult Nails Nevermore.

We all know purple is one of my favourite colours & this definitely has a special place in my Helmer. Thank you so much Marta *squishes*, it's so pretty!

Thanks for reading loves <3

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Great Minds Think Alike

It's Thursday my dears! One more day until the weekend! I'm hoping to do some apple picking/enjoy the fall weather that's coming to my part of Ontario this weekend, so hopefully the weather stays nice!

So, about a month ago, on the Labour Day weekend, my street had a little potluck party and I'm only just getting around to posting my nails now. You might think they look a little familiar, since ironically, Marta posted this manicure the other day. When she tweeted it, I laughed so hard & had to share my manicure I had done about two weeks previous to her. What can I say, great minds think alike, right Marta?

I used China Glaze Manhunt, Wet n Wild White, and Cult Nails Nevermore to stamp with using konad plate m72.

I can't stress how much I love Manhunt, although after seeing all the photos of Nails Inc Baker Street floating around, I think I need that one too!

Happy Thursday lovelies & thanks for reading <3

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Teal Ombre

Good morning & Happy Wednesday loves! I know it's officially fall now but I'm still playing catch up with some of my summer manicures. Plus I'm not really a let-a-season-dictate-your-colour-choices kind of person, so hopefully that's ok with all of you!

I've always wanted to try an ombre manicure but I always thought I didn't have the right polishes to try one. However, after staring at a dress in my closet/necklace I owned and then searching through my colour wheels, I found 5 pretties that I thought made an ombre. They're not exact, although they made me happy!

On my thumb I'm wearing Essie Going Incognito (ok so that one is more green than teal...), index is Misa Dirty Sexy Money, Middle is Essie Turquoise & Caicos, Ring is NOPI My Lifesaver and Pinky is Revlon Minted!

My dress looks blue in that photo but IRL I swear it's teal/green leaning!

What do you think? I know I'm late to the ombre bandwagon, but I kind of like it!

Thanks for reading <3

Monday, September 24, 2012

What Happens when a 7 year old Picks Out Your Manicure

Hi lovelies and Happy Monday. I hope you all had a good weekend. I just relaxed and tried to be productive with my time at home. I'm trying to compile a "25 Things To Do Before I Turn 25" list, which is turning out to be a lot hard (and a lot more ambitious) than I planned!

So, I babysat my 2 cousins a few weeks ago, they are 12 & 7, and my 7 year old cousin really likes nail polish. I usually paint her nails when she visits and she has even started getting nail polish as gifts! She asked me if she could pick out what colours I painted my nails, and I said yes. She LOVES my Helmer and I think she just wanted to look at my polishes individually. Eventually she picked China Glaze Platinum Silver, China Glaze Dorothy Who?, and China Glaze Liquid Leather. I was torn as to how to wear these three colours, and this is what I settled on (eventually).

My cousin approved of the look, even though she realized after the fact that she is not the world's biggest black nail polish fan!

Have you ever let someone else pick your manicure?

Thanks for reading <3

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Glitta Gal and some stamping

Hi Sunday Readers!

Ever since I met up with the lovely Ontario bloggers I have vowed to work on stamping and working on my nail skills. No promises on how my photos turn out as my camera is still my iphone, but I am trying to be better at cleaning up and other things...I'm trying!

This week I used Cult Nails Nevermore as my base, with Sally Hansen Whirlwind white. Both were one coat. I then stamped it with the cards design (diamonds, hearts, clubs etc) because my roomate just came back from Vegas, using Nevermore again and then added Glitta Gal Soft Transitions Violet. Yes, I didn't wait long enough for the stamp to dry so I smudged. UGH! But hey, I stamped, so we'll try again some other time!
Let me tell you the Glitta Gal is SO COOL! It literally changed the color of my polish (as you can see, it's purple not black!) I was so surprised and I loved it!!

Onto the pictures!

You can see some purple sheen on my ring finger even in this photo! LOVED the Glitta Gal!
So what do you guys think? This glitta gal is pretty cool, I need to try layering it over other polishes too!<3

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cult Nails Charming

It's Saturday all! Happy Saturday! The weather is not very nice here these past few days and it looks like it isn't going to get any nicer! I think this means cozying up with some Starbucks & a few books!

In my recent Cult Nails order, I purchased Charming, thanks to Marta's beautiful swatches that convinced me I needed yet another purple shade. *Sidenote* I always want to call this one Princess and the blue Princess, Charming! Silly Liz! This is a beautiful purple with shimmer, that is definitely unique to my collection. I stamped it with konad plate M 63 and Cult Nails Nevermore. This manicure lasted about a week on my nails because I could not bear to take it off!

What do you think of this gorgeous purple shade. Even my mom liked it and she is wearing it on her toes (she is strictly a pale pink/shimmery orange kind of gal!)

Thanks for reading <3

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Harlow & Co Picture Polish Twin Post with Marta!

Hi loves & Happy Thursday! It's almost the weekend, I have no idea where the week went, it literally flew by! Saturday I'm going out to look at cars with my dad, so I'm excited, but definitely's such a big step!

Today I have a twin post for you with Marta from ChitChat Nails! I'm sure you all know Marta, if you don't, head on over to her blog, ChitChat Nails, or follow her on twitter OR follow her on Instagram, @martawarmuz (where she posts her nails & her seriously cute children!). Marta has become an awesome friend in blogging, and I like to think, in life, since she lives London, where my sister lives, so we get to see each other when I come to visit.

In our blogger meetup we had a few weekends ago, the amazing Katie from Harlow&Co gifted us with some serious swag, including her piCture pOlish creation, Demeter. This polish is BEAUTIFUL, described as a chocolate-brown holographic polish by Katie, it has a jelly-like finish to it, without being sheer. Marta describes this beauty as being "berry-chocolate" and even though I don't know what that means, it totally fits. I wanted to keep this manicure simple, because this polish was so pretty, so I stamped a small BM image from plate BM 05 and China Glaze passion.

Please don't forget to hop on over to Marta's blog & see what she come up with. I'm sure it's gorgeous! And if you don't already own Demeter, you can snag one at Katie's store, Harlow & Co!

Thanks for reading my loves <3

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cult Nails Princess

Hi loves & Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone's having a great week!

I recently had a little cult nails haul with my sister and one of the polishes I bought was Princess. This polish is so pretty and definitely one of the more unique blues in my collection. I paired it with Cult Nails Crusin' Nude and a bundle monster stamp with different accent nails on different fingers. I don't have a lot to say other than it's so pretty & this manicure was so nice and soothing after a summer of neons.

I definitely need to wear Princess again, it was on my toes for a long time, but it needs to make an appearance on my nails for sure!

Thanks for reading loves <3

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Nail Swatching Spam!

Hello readers, and Happy Sunday!! Today I'm headed to a Jays game with my co-workers! So excited!

As Elizabeth had mentioned we had a lovely Ontario Blogger meet up, and I received WAY too many polishes from these generous ladies, who knew my stash has now grown to almost 200?!! (Thanks for counting/getting me to re-organize it)

Anyways I have quite a few polishes for you of various brands, so this is pretty picture heavy, and I will put them under the cut!!  Sorry that I didn't have too much sun during these :(

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Guest Post on Love, Varnish, Chocolate and More!

Hi and Happy Saturday! Today I'm so lucky to be featured as a guest-blogger on Deborah's lovely blog, Love, Varnish, Chocolate & More. I love Deborah, she is one of the nicest people I have met through blogging and I love that she is an international blogger, so she shows off all kinds of polishes I don't have access to (and makes me drool over them!).

Click on the big picture to be taken to her blog where my post will be!

Thanks for reading & Happy Saturday! <3

Friday, September 14, 2012

From the Vault: Gradient, Stamping & Accent Nails

Hi loves! Happy Friday. How is everyone's week going? Mine's been going well, worked 2 half days this week and I've been getting a number of calls for various jobs, so hopefully next week is just as busy. I am so happy that I am supplying, it's just one step closer to having a full time job. I cannot wait!

This post is from awhile back, I have a number of backlogged posts that I'll be interspersing with some new ones here & there so my nails might be short one day & longer the next, because I threw some older photos in! Sorry! I decided one day I was just going to try a gradient, and it worked. But then I wanted to stamp over it. But I couldn't decide, stamped in white or both happened. A lot is going on in this manicure, but I like it! I created a gradient using Orly Blue Collar, Frolic and Passion Fruit, then stamped with konad special white & wet n wild black creme using BM plate 209.

I still can't tell which way I like this stamped, with black or with white. What do you think?

Happy Friday loves & thanks for reading <3

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ontario Blogger Meet Up

Good Morning lovelies & Happy Tuesday! I'm in a fantastic mood as I type this because I am officially a supply teacher, I will have my first job supplying a half day on Wednesday for a grade 1 french immersion class. It should be interesting, since I am only qualified to teach high school & I have no idea what the french immersion program is like but I am excited!

Moving on, this past Sunday I was involved in a little Ontario bloggers meet up in London with my sister (who guest-posts on Sundays), Marta from ChitChat Nails, Stephanie from Sincerely Stephanie, Karen from Nail Call, and Katie (and her sister) from Harlow & Co!

This is going to be a fairly lengthy post, so I put the rest of this under a cut!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Nails & Friendship

Hi loves! Sorry I have been MIA the last week, just had a super hectic week, wrapping up my last days at the factory and getting prepared for supplying! This past Sunday we had a little blogger meet-up in London, Ontario, which I'll share more about in another post.

A couple weeks ago, my friend Shaina came over to hang out and paint our nails! I always did mine during teacher's college & she enjoyed them, so I figured why not share my stash! She chose to use China Glaze Octa-gone Wild, and then taped over half and painted Cult Nails Nevermore! I also introduced her to the phenomenon known as the quick-dry top coat and I think she is hooked!

And, since we were painting our nails, I did a quick manicure with A-England Tristam and then konaded dots over it. Afterwards I regretted the dots, so I'll have to re-wear Tristam again, because it's so beautiful!

Hope you all have a fantastic Monday <3

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cult Nails Spam!

Hello loves!

As I sit here blogging, I'm waiting to meet some AMAZING blogging ladies from Ontario! My nails aren't painted yet EEK! The post I'm about to show you I painted on Saturday for the meet up and got destroyed at work so ahhhhh plan B!!!

Today I have Evil Queen and Time Traveler from Cult Nails, which I used my new Get It On and Wicked Fast base coat/top coat, also from Cult Nails! (I was really excited Elizabeth brought me these, YAY!)

Here are some pictures! And for those of you who are football fans, it's a slightly Patriots themed as that's my boyfriend's theme...and I think the colors are super pretty together :P I also stamped, and added Shine of the Times for some Nautical fun on my nails! 

What do you think? I'm still loving the nautical trend and these colors are perfect! <3 Happy Sunday!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dollish Polish Team Salvatore & Konad

Hi loves & Happy Tuesday! I hope you all had a fantastic Long Weekend (if you had one that is!) and you're all ready to go back to school/kids to go back to school/back to work! I'm back at the factory this week, so I feel your pain!

I was craving some TVD in my life the other day, so I thought, what's better than watching re-runs? Well, nothing except the next season, BUT to fill the void in my life I decided to wear my precious Dollish Polish. I've already used this in several rings & earrings, but I haven't worn it on the blog yet (the horror!) I used Team Salvatore as an accent nail over Sally Hansen Silver Sweep, and on the other nails I used the stamp from BM 203 & Wet n Wild Black Creme!

 Just for fun, my manicure with my matching ring!
I really need to wear this over black, or red! I can't wait!

Thanks for reading <3
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