Sunday, August 19, 2012

Some A-England Holos!

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the late post, I had intended to line it up Friday, but then Friday, Saturday and this AM I was away from the laptop!

I recently purchased some A-England beauties and I love them! I got Tristam, Lady of the Lake and Galahad and I will be showing you all of them (or glimpses) today! All polishes were 2 coats of amazingness!

First I wore Galahad and Tristam for an interview and then this weekend I wore Lady of the Lake to my family camping!

I hope to have better swatches at somepoint/ do something a little more interesting, BUT I wore them, they were gorgeous and wanted to show you, but had very few sun opportunities to take pictures!! Hope you've all enjoyed your weekends and are having a lazy Sunday afternoon! <3


  1. These are both awesome, love the Galahad and Tristam combo. Can you believe I have no A England polishes yet? I need to change that soon!

  2. Gorgeous. I love A England so much. So so much!

  3. I love the tips with it - it gives such a different look against the cream!


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