Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mattesse Elite Spam

Hi Friends :)

How was everyone's weekend? I had a nice relaxing one!

Today I have some Mattese Elite polishes for you. I'm going to apologize right off the bat and say one of the 2 polishes I have lost the bottle RIGHT after picture taking and am unsure of the color name. When I find it, I'll edit it in!! *Edit* It's called Intense Pleasure, both are from the Orgasmic Collection!

The first one is Explosive Sensation! A beautiful purple with a blue-green shimmer in it. Lovely shifting color! This is 2 coats!!

Blurry but it shows the sparkle a bit better

This was WAY better in person!

The second had a similar name to explosive sensation which made me laugh, damn wish I could remember it!

It is a dark  purple with a purple/green duochrome glitter in it, but the duochrome hardly shifted it at all. If it did it would be a more of a beetle-esque color. *edit* It's called Intense Pleasure!

This is 3 coats!

You can see the color shift in the bottle at the bottom

Loved this color!
While I wish I had a better camera for some macro shots, these definitely looked a bit cooler in the bottle but were still gorgeous on the nail! I just google some of the other colors, lots of swatches from Kitty's website (who was amazing and sent me these!!) which you can find here . I think I want "Cream Dream" name is gross but MAN!! It's a beautiful polish!! What do you think of these? 
I am HOPEFULLY getting a bunch of Cult Nails soon (I ordered them with Elizabeth, just need to wait to see her) so you should be seeing them soon! <3


  1. Both are so pretty! Explosive Sensation reminds me of Urban Decay Bruise =)


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