Wednesday, August 1, 2012

KBShimmer Shattered Heart

Hi loves & Happy Wednesday! First off, to all of you on twitter yesterday who wished me good luck for my interview, thank you :) I hope it went well, and keep crossing your fingers for me!

Today, not only do I have a pink for a pink wednesday post, but I have an awesome indie polish to show you, given to me to review from the amazing Katie at Harlow & Co. Shattered Heart is a neon pink polish, filled with black bar glitter, black hex glitter, black shatter pieces and black hearts. You all know I love neons and pink, so this polish was made for me. I even don't mind the bar glitter (we all know my feelings on those hairy little things :P!). This polish only took 3 coats to be opaque, no underwear required and the glitter comes out really well. I didn't shake my bottle too hard, nor did I have to fish to get any glitter on my nails, which is awesome!

This polish is super cute, and well, its neon, so it's automatically a win for me! I also love the bottle and the label, which I know is not really something to care about, but in terms of indie polishes, this one is gorgeous.

KBShimmer is available on her website or for us Canadians (or anyone else), at Harlow & Co, at $9.00 a bottle! Now, right now, KBShimmer is out of stock at Harlow & Co, but the reason I am previewing this polish (and a couple others this week) is because they will be back in stock on Saturday! Yay! So, get your wallets ready because Katie will be restocking these beauties on Saturday August 4th, at 12pm EST, and they will go fast!

What do you think loves, going to snap up this neon beauty? Or do you have your eye on some others? Thanks for reading & I hope to hear from you in the comments <3

*These products were provided for me to review. Please refer to my disclosure policy for any questions or concerns*


  1. Neon AND glitter! how much more 'fun' can you pack into a bottle?! Awesome!


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