Saturday, August 4, 2012

Enchanted Polish Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Happy Saturday my loves! Who is up bright and early ready for the KBShimmer restock on Harlow & co? A great way to start your Saturday ;)

Katie, who sent me those 3 KBShimmer polishes to review is so kind that she included an Enchanted Polish for me too! I died when I opened the package, because, hello, I love holographic polishes! Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds is "the opal mother of pearl on steroids. Flashes of green and pink and a crazy rainbow in the sun" is how it's described and it's seriously beautiful. This post is going to be a little picture heavy! This polish is somewhat sheer at first, but it only took 3 coats to be opaque. I should try layering it over something, I bet it's gorgeous!

I love this. It's not SUPER in your face holographic, but it's enough wow that I got many compliments, and distracted myself driving (yes, caution, it's a hazard!)

Enchanted Polish is available at Harlow & Co for $15 a bottle (Holographic pigments sadly are not cheap!) and they're almost all in stock! So run over there & snag some! I have my eye on Disco Barbie,Ocean Potion and Vampire's Dessert as well!

Thanks for reading loves <3 Hope to hear from you in the comments :)

*The polishes in this post were provided to be for review. Please review my disclosure policy if you have any questions or concerns*

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  1. I think that polish is cute!! Also, thanks to your posts reminding me of the restock I snagged myself the KBShimmer I had been eyeing. And one of the Barry M magnetics GlittaGloves showed and turned into a lemming! :)


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