Friday, August 31, 2012

Cult Nails Quench & Some Konad

Hi loves & Happy Friday! Yay it's the long weekend! I know that in the states some kids have already  been back in school for awhile, but for us in Canada, Schools start Tuesday, which means soon I'll be supply teaching in them! Wee! This weekend though, I'll be hanging with my family, my boyfriend & having a street party :)

Since I had to file down my nails recently, I decided to take advantage of the shorties and wear some red! I looked through all my reds (on my new handy nail wheels, I might add!) and Cult Nails Quench was calling to me! I love this red, even though reds aren't my thing (although I own 14 different shades!)

But, because I can't leave anything alone, I obviously konaded over it! I used plate BM 201 and China Glaze Passion

This was so pretty, and reds always seem to get me many compliments, even if I'm not their biggest fan!

Hope you all have fantastic starts to your weekend! <3

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Saran Wrap Manicure

Hi loves & Happy Wednesday! It's halfway through the week and I'm looking forward to this weekend, because it's the long weekend, AND my boyfriend is coming home & I haven't seen him in a month so yay!

A while ago, Marta debuted her Saran wrap manicures on the blog and I was obsessed but I could never recreate them. Until she made this tutorial and it solved all my problems. I love this style of manicure! The base is Orly Frolic, with Orly Blue Collar and Passion Fruit "sponged" on top! These 3 polishes always seem to be used together, I don't know why, I just see them sitting together in my Helmer and I have to use them!

It's no surprise I love this style of manicure, it's so similar to the splatter manicure and it's so fun & easy to do. Basically, Marta, you have spawned a monster because I have so many different combinations I want to try out!

What do you think lovelies? Anyone else tried out Marta's style?

Thanks for reading <3

Monday, August 27, 2012

Cult Nails and Some Shorties

Hi loves, how's everyone doing on this lovely Monday? I'm pretty good, worked most of the weekend so nothing exciting to talk about!

My nails today are the beginning of some shorter nails, I had a small accident at work, and I heard my nail crack, but under the layers of nail polish it seemed minor, but once I took it all off, it was evident it was pretty major and I had to cut down my index nail. I filed the other ones down to match but my index is sort of misshapen because I didn't want to take it all the way down, way too painful!Since I had short nails, I felt like something soothing, so I grabbed Cult Nails My Kind of Koolaid and then sponged some Sally Hansen Silver Sweep, and then stamped over top with BM 203 and Wet n Wild Black Creme.

The sponging isn't super evident in my photos, although the 2nd one is somewhat blurry looking (I'm not sure why) but you can see the gradient better.

Thanks for reading loves and I hope you have a fantastic Monday <3

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mattesse Elite Spam

Hi Friends :)

How was everyone's weekend? I had a nice relaxing one!

Today I have some Mattese Elite polishes for you. I'm going to apologize right off the bat and say one of the 2 polishes I have lost the bottle RIGHT after picture taking and am unsure of the color name. When I find it, I'll edit it in!! *Edit* It's called Intense Pleasure, both are from the Orgasmic Collection!

The first one is Explosive Sensation! A beautiful purple with a blue-green shimmer in it. Lovely shifting color! This is 2 coats!!

Blurry but it shows the sparkle a bit better

This was WAY better in person!

The second had a similar name to explosive sensation which made me laugh, damn wish I could remember it!

It is a dark  purple with a purple/green duochrome glitter in it, but the duochrome hardly shifted it at all. If it did it would be a more of a beetle-esque color. *edit* It's called Intense Pleasure!

This is 3 coats!

You can see the color shift in the bottle at the bottom

Loved this color!
While I wish I had a better camera for some macro shots, these definitely looked a bit cooler in the bottle but were still gorgeous on the nail! I just google some of the other colors, lots of swatches from Kitty's website (who was amazing and sent me these!!) which you can find here . I think I want "Cream Dream" name is gross but MAN!! It's a beautiful polish!! What do you think of these? 
I am HOPEFULLY getting a bunch of Cult Nails soon (I ordered them with Elizabeth, just need to wait to see her) so you should be seeing them soon! <3

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Interview Nails

Hi loves & Happy Wednesday! It's Hump Day! I'm pretty relaxed this week, I only have to work Friday & Saturday, and today my friend is coming over to hang out, tan, and probably paint our nails. I spent all of yesterday painting nail wheels to organize my stash, but I ran out :O.

So, most of you might remember that teaching interview I had (almost a month ago..oops), well this is the manicure I wore to the interview, picked with assistance from Marta, after my pleas on twitter! I wore Cult Nails Crusin' Nude with an accent nail of OPI Sparke de Triomphe. Apparently I have the "good" version of Sparke de Triomphe which is gold/champagne coloured glitter mixed with silver glitter. I have heard of people getting just the all silver coloured version, which is probably disappointing :( Anyways, if you don't follow me on twitter (shamless self promotion 1: @emlangille) or instagram (shameless self promotion 2: @elizabethmegan3, my settings are private but just request me!) you might not have seen that, I GOT THE JOB. I'm so overly thrilled!

I hope you all have a great wednesday & enjoy these last few beautiful days of summer!

Thanks for reading loves <3

Monday, August 20, 2012

Metallic Gradient

Hola lovelies! How was everyone's weekend? I went camping with my family, which was fun, until Sunday when I woke up with an impending migraine. It's still hiding in my brain, which is annoying, I wish it would either hit me, or go away, not sit around and annoy me *sigh*. But I did get called in to work Friday & Saturday so I will be making money this week, woohoo.

I joined the group Polish Days awhile back, and the August challenge was Olympic-themed nails, and I had this awesome gradient planned out, and then, I missed the deadline. *headesk* Fail Liz. But I figured I would show it to you anyways! I used China Glaze Passion, Sally Hansen Silver Sweep and Revlon Gold Coin in the gradient. It's somewhat more subtle than I originally planned, but I still love it! Also, my nails were so much longer, I had a little break recently so you'll be seeing some short nails soon.

What do you all think of my gradient? I enjoyed how blingy it was.

Thanks for reading <3

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Some A-England Holos!

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the late post, I had intended to line it up Friday, but then Friday, Saturday and this AM I was away from the laptop!

I recently purchased some A-England beauties and I love them! I got Tristam, Lady of the Lake and Galahad and I will be showing you all of them (or glimpses) today! All polishes were 2 coats of amazingness!

First I wore Galahad and Tristam for an interview and then this weekend I wore Lady of the Lake to my family camping!

I hope to have better swatches at somepoint/ do something a little more interesting, BUT I wore them, they were gorgeous and wanted to show you, but had very few sun opportunities to take pictures!! Hope you've all enjoyed your weekends and are having a lazy Sunday afternoon! <3

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Another Marta-Inspired Manicure

Hi lovelies & Happy Saturday! I'm working/going to a family camping trip this weekend, so I'm pretty pleased with my plans. I love hanging with my family and all their cute little children!

Today's nails are inspired, once again, by the amazing Marta of Chit Chat Nails and her guest post she did yesterday for Stephanie, of Sincerely Stephanie, which you can see here. I always love Marta's nails and I usually find myself perusing her blog when I need inspiration and I loved this look so much that I had to try it out ASAP.

I changed it up a bit, since I don't own the new MASH plates, and instead of Flip Flop Fantasy (which I love), I used China Glaze Shocking Pink. The stamp is from plate 203, and I used Wet n Wild White Creme as the base and Black Creme to stamp with!

And, what would be a Marta-inspired post without some Marta-inspired posing? And you get to see my rare right hand!

Well I hoped you enjoyed this post & my take on Marta's gorgeous nails!

Thanks for reading loves <3

Friday, August 17, 2012

Guest Post over at Harlow & Co

Hi loves! Today I'm guest-posting over at Harlow & Co!

Click the picture to jump on over!

Happy Friday! <3

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nail Polish Jewelry

Hi loves & Happy Wednesday. I'm having a relaxed week, since I'm on-call and don't have any scheduled shifts.

A while ago I ordered some jewelry-making stuff, and only now am I getting around to posting what I've made! I haven't done any groundbreaking layering or stuff, but just things I think are pretty! It's going to be pretty picture heavy so more pictures/descriptions are after the jump!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Essie Lapis of Luxury

Hi loves & Happy Monday! Did everyone watch the Olympic's closing ceremony last night? I love the Spice Girls and that was pretty much the highlight of my day, although most of the other musical acts were weird (at least to me).

So, I was at Wal-Mart the other day and Essie Lapis of Luxury was calling to me, so I snagged it. It's such a gorgeous blue. I stamped it with Bundle Monster plate 213, I loved how the feathers look.

This colour is gorgeous & if you don't have it, well, get it!

Have a happy monday <3

Thanks for reading <3

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rainbow Manicure

Hi loves, Happy Saturday. I'm working today (boo), so this post is short since I'm writing it Friday night & I need to sleep!

As always, I'm amazed at what this amazing blogger does with her nails, particularly this look. I don't have the new BM plates, but I wanted to try out a similar effect, so using BM 211 and Sally Hansen White Out as my base, I stamped with China Glaze Grape Pop, Man Hunt, China Glaze Starboard, Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow, Sephora by OPI Caliente Coral, and Zoya Sooki!

I loved this, and I want to try it again with different stamps! Don't you?

Thanks for reading & have a fantastic Saturday <3

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lightning Bolt Manicure

Hi loves & Happy Tuesday. Sorry this is a bit late, I didn't write anything up last night or have anything scheduled! Whoops!

So, if you have ever been to Nailside's blog, you may have seen one of her tutorials called the Double Lightning Bolt. I have tried this manicure style so many times, but I always messed it up, and I would get frustrated. Well, the other day I had some time on my hands and I figured I'd give it one more shot. I used China Glaze Grape Pop as the base, China Glaze Liquid Leather for the first colour of lightning bolt. I did this in steps, so here is how it looked after tape application #1, which I have never successfully done.

Now, I could have left it like this but I was determined to try to make it a double lightning bolt, so I added China Glaze Passion.

It's not perfect, and my index & pinky definitely turned out the best, but I think it's a success! I might even try it again with other colours!

What do you think lovelies, anyone else successfully recreate this look?

Thanks for reading <3

Monday, August 6, 2012

Gold & Black

Hi loves, Happy Monday! I hope everyone who has a holiday today is enjoying it. I do not get today off (boo), so I have to work in a few hours, but oh well. I'm not too distraught. I had a nice couple of days off, and a house to myself while my family went to a cottage so that was all wonderful. Oh, and my A-Englands from the recent sale came in the mail on Friday, so yay!

Anyways, this manicure is from about a month back (I am way behind!) but I really wanted to play around with China Glaze Passion when I first got it. This is China Glaze Passion stamped with China Glaze Liquid Leather, and then China Glaze Liquid Leather stamped with China Glaze Passion, all with konad plate m64.

Pretty simple, but I got a lot of compliments on this manicure, maybe because gold is so eye-catching?

Thanks for reading and hope to hear from some of you in the comments <3

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Enchanted Polish Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Happy Saturday my loves! Who is up bright and early ready for the KBShimmer restock on Harlow & co? A great way to start your Saturday ;)

Katie, who sent me those 3 KBShimmer polishes to review is so kind that she included an Enchanted Polish for me too! I died when I opened the package, because, hello, I love holographic polishes! Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds is "the opal mother of pearl on steroids. Flashes of green and pink and a crazy rainbow in the sun" is how it's described and it's seriously beautiful. This post is going to be a little picture heavy! This polish is somewhat sheer at first, but it only took 3 coats to be opaque. I should try layering it over something, I bet it's gorgeous!

I love this. It's not SUPER in your face holographic, but it's enough wow that I got many compliments, and distracted myself driving (yes, caution, it's a hazard!)

Enchanted Polish is available at Harlow & Co for $15 a bottle (Holographic pigments sadly are not cheap!) and they're almost all in stock! So run over there & snag some! I have my eye on Disco Barbie,Ocean Potion and Vampire's Dessert as well!

Thanks for reading loves <3 Hope to hear from you in the comments :)

*The polishes in this post were provided to be for review. Please review my disclosure policy if you have any questions or concerns*
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